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Ramakrishna – RK

While surfing on the net for something, I reached Meena, the person who taught me how to use computer, organize workshops, give a lecture, etc. etc. There is no word I could find in the dictionary to explain her personality. She is a great motivator for those who really want to achieve something.

Thats all I can say about Meena.

Wanna watch Meena having her 50th b’day cake, go to the following link:

Now that's a different look


Thanks people—for making me cry on my 50th birthday!!! 

I don’t think anyone would have or could have got a better gift! It was a journey going really far back—right to my MBA student days! Thank you for all the nice things you have said—even if not quite true, they will give me energy to go on for another 10 years!

 It’s definitely not a one-way street! It’s the people here, each one such an integral part of my life, who have helped me grow, who have been with me at PARTY TIMES (lots of that, especially in JMP and CEE), been with me in ‘up times’ and ‘down times’. Who are essentially my family. The reason why I want to get up and come to work, to plan an holiday or anything else. They are also the reasons for my grey hair (I am at a stage where I am thankful for any hair!) and my BP!!!

Love you all guys. And I’m going to get down to giving it back to each one of you very soon, be warned!!!! Watch the comments columns!


Having fun, wanna join???

Believe me I started many times but just could not write. I thought of writing several times but did not get words. Writing for Meena is like Suraj ko diya dikhana.. Everyone knows and agrees that Meena has not only touched our life but also been there always. I think we all are lucky that we have Meena with us.  There are many relations in our life, but relation with Meena is unique. She plays all roles fantastically. You just have to say what you want and she will immediately understand your requirement and help.

In my 9 years of professional life with here, I have learnt a lot many things from her. I used to love the way she would shout and pamper us. She was so friendly and at the same time, she was a great BOSS. I still remember, if I pick up intercom, and if its Meena, I would be scared. That was Meena. She is a perfect example of a balance person between personal and professional relation.

To end, just want to say, we love and respect you a lot Meena.

Thanks for coming in our life!

Vipul and Manisha

Happy Birthday!

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day!!

Lots of love and good wishes on this day and years to come

A ‘virtual’ heart-felt message from all of us!!

Have a great day and year ahead

A cake as bright as Meena herself!

And here's the cut

A bunch of 50 roses for the 'golden' lady

Dhriti wishes you a very warm happy birthday, go to the link below to hear her say:



“Though life is such a dicey ploy

Who says it can’t be fun?

 And we know how to Just Enjoy

More than any one!”

Looking Back, Looking Ahead…..